Vegetarian pet foods

1.1 Australia & New Zealand

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Choosing a Diet

It is important to feed diets that are nutritionally-sound. A small minority of the diet could be treats/snacks, but the great majority should be nutritionally-sound. To ensure this, check product labels to confirm the diet is nutritionally complete and balanced, and purchase diets only from reputable companies that are working with veterinary nutritionists or other nutritional experts, to formulate diets that are nutritionally-sound. The company should also be able to provide some reasonable information about steps taken to ensure nutritional soundness, on their website or in response to inquiries. The gold standard is independent laboratory analysis confirming diets match nutritional guidelines provided by EU, US or other authorities. However, this is expensive for companies, and hence uncommon. But companies should be able to provide some reasonable information about steps taken to ensure nutritional soundness and quality/consistency of diets. If not, choose another company.

1 Vegetarian Pet Foods

1.1 Australia & New Zealand

+64 9 626 5754
Importer and distributor of Ami Vegan Petfood
Supplier of vegecat, vegedog, vegepup and vegeyeast nutritional supplements.

Melbourne, Australia – shipping worldwide
Producer of certified organic and certified vegan wholefood products for people and dogs
Producer of Augustine’s SuperFood (starter kits) and Augustine’s SuperBoost (supplements).

Suppliers in several Australian states and New Zealand
Manufacturer and supplier of “nutritionally complete and balanced” dry vegan cat and dog food formulated from ‘natural ingredients, with the exception of synthetically produced taurine, niacin and some vitamins.’

An independent AU-based supplier of vegan and vegetarian foods. Offer many varieties of dog and cat food, snacks and chews, such as Pegetables, Dr Chew, Burp stik.

1.2 Europe and UK

Padova, Italy
Manufacturer and international supplier of ‘non-animal tested ecologically-sustainable vegetarian pet foods free of dyes, artificial preservatives and genetically-modified organisms’. Opposed to animal experimentation.

Various countries
Benevo is 100% vegetarian owned and was created in 2005 to provide solutions for those seeking ethical alternatives to mainstream pet food. It does not have any links to slaughter houses and does not test it’s products on animals. The company and product range has grown to be one of the biggest of any independent vegan pet food brands. Now sold in many countries.

“Bonza’s Superfoods with PhytoPlus® is cold-extruded, 100% plant-based food, packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant phytonutrients, formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition and preventative health support for our dogs.”

“DoGood is the UK’s first chef-cooked vegan dog food. Each recipe is nutritionally complete & balanced, made using a unique combination of plant-powered proteins and organic, whole-food ingredients which nourish your dog without harming the planet or other animals. The meals are delivered directly to your door freshly frozen, which preserves essential nutrients.”

“Dogs Go Plant-Based is the first veterinary led rich resource that teaches guardians all that they need to know to feed their dogs a sustainable and nutritionally sound plant-based diet”

Cheshire, UK
“All our products fall into one or more of the following categories: fair trade, eco-friendly, recycled, organic, sustainable, vegan, high-welfare, non-toxic, and natural.”

“Fresh dog food kits for sensitive dogs needing a nutritionally balanced homemade wholefood diet.”

Hofbieber, Germany

Supplier of vegetarian dog and cat food, snacks and chews, such as Ami, Yarrah, Benevo, Vegusto, Vegourmet, Terra-Pura



“An online pet shop offering cruelty-free, eco-friendly, plant-based, nutritious cat and dog food. We are retailers of Ami, Vegdog and the V.E.G range by Marpet.”



“HOWND is a pioneer of cruelty-free plant-powered products for dogs. Established in 2015, the company has evolved into a multi award-winning ethical lifestyle brand for dogs offering 100% plant-based health, wellness and hygiene products under one roof. HOWND Superfood is 100% plant-based and includes vegan D3 making it a nutritionally complete diet for dogs available in the UK and Europe.”


“Led by vet Dr Arielle Griffiths, JUST BE KIND import top quality foods from Germany for sale in the UK, as well as being the only distributor of dermatology diet Solo Vegetal in the UK. With vet led support, owners are able to homecook safely for their pets with the availability of the JUST BE KIND Supplement, as well as Omega3 Algae oil with pure plant-based Vit D3.”


“SHEVEGA is cruelty free, certified by the Vegan Society & Vegan Co-founders, PETA approved & created by Experts in Veterinary Nutrition, Sustainability & Ethics. Manufactured in the UK. SHEVEGA Premium Daily VITAMIN, MINERAL & AMINO ACIDS SUPPLEMENTS & DIET PLANS are designed to provide 100% nutritionally complete and balanced homemade plant-based / vegan dog food as well as boost with fresh ingredients and complete supplements any complete commercial food. SHEVEGA also provides diet plans for healthy dogs and for dogs suffering from different health problems that require complete and balanced supplemented Home-made plant-based diets or mixture of Home-made and commercial food.


Supplier for Sweden for Ami (dog and cat), Benevo (dog and cat), Greta, V-Dog (UK), VEGDOG and Yarrah Vega. Sales via webshop and retailers.

Retail Benevo vegan pet foods in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands.


Soest, Netherlands

Retailer, 100% Vegan, Amì (dog and cat), Benevo, Cerea, Dr. Chew, Evolution, Fitt Gepresst, Forza10, Garden Bites, Greta, Ossobello, Soopa, V-Dog, V-Complete, Vegdog, Vegepet (Vegedog, Vegecat, Vegepup), Vegusto, Whimzees, Yarrah.

Award-winning, ethical business that distributes green and vegan products, including vegan pet food.

VEGDOG is a plant-based, gluten-free and complete dog food. VEGDOG’s high-quality product range contains dry & wet food, dentals and snacks. VEGDOG’s innovative products are developed with veterinarians.

Nimes, France
Supplier of vegecat, vegedog, vegepup and vegeyeast nutritional supplements.

Toledo, Spain
‘a dog and cat food producer and supplier whose product range is 100% plant-based’

Havant, Hampshire, UK
+44-(0)23 9245 3355

Supplier of a range of non-animal tested vegan pet foods and nutritional supplements.

As Turkey’s first and vegan pet products seller, VegPet supports exploitation-free and sustainable living. VegPet currently only features Ami products in its online store.

+41 71 470 04 04

Supplier of Vegusto and AMI vegetarian/vegan cat and dog food throughout Europe. National distributors exist in Switzerland, the UK and Italy.

+49 – (0)6081/4639 275
An eco-social online shop for vegan pet food and ecological pet accessories with information platform for vegan nutrition for dogs and cats. A supplier of vegan dog and cat food, snacks and chews, such as Ami, Benevo, Vegan4Dogs, VegDog, Yarrah, Terra-Pura, Soopa, V-Dog, V-Complete, Garden Bites, Meinert.


1.3 India

+91 7498 244844
Importer and supplier of Benevo, Ami and other vegan food products for cats and dogs in India.

1.4 US & Canada

‘a tech pet food company that re-imagines pet nutrition by creating laboratory meat from innovative, animal-free ingredients.’

Markham, Ontario, Canada
US/CAN: 1-866-610-6004
Elsewhere: +1-905-473-5790

Producer of certified organic and certified vegan wholefood products for people and dogs
Producer of Augustine’s SuperFood (starter kits) and Augustine’s SuperBoost (supplements).

Troy, MT, US
(406) 295-4944
Manufacturer and supplier of vegecat, vegedog, vegepup and vegeyeast nutritional supplements.

(253) 835-1427

Dog treats made from sweet potato

(949) 484-4230
Huntingdon Beach, CA

US & Canada distributor for Benevo, Ami, and other vegan and humane products for cats and dogs.

Oakland, CA
Petaluma makes baked dog food for adult and senior dogs that are plant-based and use organic and sustainable ingredients. Petaluma also offers dehydrated sweet potato jerky from organic farms in North Carolina.

Natural tinned vegan dog food “free of animal byproducts, artificial flavoring, coloring, sweeteners, corn, soy, wheat, and yeast.”

Aims to ‘provide an excellent balance of vegan nutrition for dogs with gluten-free, raw ingredients such as maize, soybean, quinoa seeds and more. Its dog products are designed specifically for dogs with allergies.’

(888) 280-8364
Sacramento, CA, US

“Crunchy [dog] nuggets using only natural, healthy and wholesome ingredients and without the use of artificial colors or preservatives… approved by The Vegetarian Society… developed without the use of animal testing.”

Canada & USA
Distributor of popular vegan pet food brands such as Evolution Diet, Ami, Benevo and VegePet.
Vecado ships vegan pet products to all parts of Canada & USA.
Vecado offers plant-based kibbles, wet foods, vegan treats and supplements.

‘meat-free with ingredients that nourish pets and the planet.’

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Dallas, Texas, US

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